Our Therapies

We offer a variety of top level therapies from highly qualified and experienced therapists. Scarwork, Reflexology, Structural integration, myofascia release etc Please look at our therapies below.



  • Can ease chronic pain and stiffness



  • Improves Posture, creating length and ease



  • Can improve and enhance athletic performance



  • Increased energy and feeling of wellbeing



  • Improved coordination and balance



  • Can help bring emotional balance

What is involved?

  • 12 sessions designed to address individual needs usually spaced 1-2 weeks apart

  • Each session works progressively through the entire body; The first four works the surface layers of the body, the next four the deeper levels often referred to as the core, then the final four bringing everything together in integrated harmony

  • Each session lasts around 90 mins including consultation, assessment and treatment

  • Sessions can be a mix of hands on treatment with postural/movement assessment

  • Sessions are done in underwear for clearer assessment and treatment.

Structural Integration

Where other treatments work symptoms ATSI works systematically through your entire body bringing it into better alignment and therefore improving its movement and function resulting in a body that is harmonised in body, mind and spirit.  The new alignment becomes  a part of who you are and not something you have to repeatedly see a practitioner to maintain.  ATSI can leave you with a lasting progressive change.

What is involved?

A treatment lasts an hour with the first treatment taking a little longer to take a detailed health history. Most people find the treatment a very pleasant experience which induces a deep state of relaxation. It is suitable for all ages from the youngest baby to the oldest adult.



Reflexology is an ancient therapy dating back thousands of years and is believed to have been used by the Egyptians as well as being part of the Chinese medicine system.


Reflexology as it is today was introduced into the UK in the 1960’s. As with other complementary therapies Reflexology embraces the concept of treating the person as a ‘whole’ not just their physical symptoms. All the bodies systems are inter-related it is believed if one area is not functioning efficiently this will affect other parts of the body.


The therapy itself is based on the theory that all the organs of the body are represented on the feet. And working these with a finger and thumb pressure initiates a response throughout the body. Any congested or blocked areas that are not functioning as they should, are stimulated, thus helping the body to work in a more efficient stress free way

Since completing her initial training Annie has now over 20 years of experience with all kinds of clients. Traditionally Reflexology has been thought of as a foot only therapy

which is often what people have experienced. But it can in fact be delivered as a hand or ear treatment and in my experience a hand and ear combination can be very effective.

I have also trained in Vertical Reflex Therapy. This is a technique where the feet are treated in a standing weight bearing position. This can be used as a very short treatment at the start or end of a conventional treatment. This seems to produce a change in the body's receptiveness to healing when the feet are in standing. What ever treatment you recieve brings about a feeling of relaxation and a relaxed body is able to function more efficiently.